Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tracking Blog Traffic

When I started this blog in August of last year, I decided to use statcounter to keep track of my traffic. It has some nice little features that I would like to look at from time to time. It was fun to look at the map to see where I was getting visitors. When I first started trying to build traffic, I joined a couple different blog advertising communities like entrecard and my personal favorite, Adgitize.

For the longest time, I was getting the lions share of my traffic from entrecard and Adgitize with the occasional visitor coming from search engines.  About a month or so ago, I read a blog post on how much info that particular blogger was getting by adding Google Analytics to their blog.  I added analytics to my blog a little more than a month ago, and it has been very interesting to see what blog posts are generating search engine traffic.

Prior to November, I was probably averaging between 80-100 page views per day.  At the beginning of November, I wrote a post on an Avon Sharper Image Camcorder that my wife gave me for our anniversary.  That post has received nearly 2000 page views from internet search engines. I also found a link to that post on yahoo answers in response to a question on the camcorder.  Somebody else copied and pasted the text of that post in response to the Yahoo answers question.

The next most popular post was one on former biology teacher Tiffany Sheppard turned porn star Leah Lust.  There have been a couple hundred visitors to that post.  I won't go into a lot of detail on some of the other popular posts according to my search engine traffic.  During the month of November, I averaged nearly 200 page loads per day, primarily due to the Avon Camcorder post.  My highest traffic day was a total of 321 pageloads.

That was until yesterday.  I came home yesteray evening and looked at my traffic on statcounter.  It said I had over 1300 page loads today.  I thought that couldn't possibly be correct.  One post that had received a about a dozen hits, the Real Reason Rio Beat Chicago for the Olympics was suddenly getting a ton of traffic.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that  on the Golf Vacation Insider website thay had posted a story called The Real Reason We'll Be Watching Olympic Golf From Rio and Not Chicago which contained a link to my post. 

It is amazing to me to see how one post can all of a sudden start sending visitors your way. 

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  1. One good link like that can really be huge!

  2. I am still somewhat surprised to see how much one particular post or link can bring in traffic. definitely encouraging

  3. That is so true. I have been very surprised at how some posts can bring in lots of traffic. And so far I can't figure out what the difference is between the posts. I need to look at the Google analytics.

  4. Hi Dickster,

    I have the same experience with you. I am using Adgitize (One ad active) and entrecard as my traffic source.

    I am using Google analytics to track my visitor and the visitor source for my own analysis.

    But seem like the visitor from entrecard and adgitize increase my site bounce rate. My site bounce rate is 80% now.

    It's mean that the visitor from EC or Adgitize visitors counted as low quality traffic.

    But it's fine for me since my Alexa rank is raising.

  5. I've had the same experiences with my blog traffic, although you're a lot more successful than I am. Items I put little effort into, like a quick snapshot of a scene in Second Life, it was just an illustration for the article, to add some color, got more views, over a period of months than any of the posts that took me so many hours to think of, write and carefully edit!

    Compelling titles are so important. And also cleaning up broken links. I use descriptive wording for everything. That seems to make Google like you, and encourage organic links and search engine hits.

    How's your blog traffic doing now, in August 2010? Please consider writing a follow-up article to this



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