Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fire Safe Cigarettes

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I am sure we have all seen news stories about a house fire that was caused by somebody dozing off with a lit cigarette.  It is a tragedy to see a family lose their home to a fire.  It is even more tragic to see somebody lose their life.

Cigarette manufacturers answered the call of safety advocates and developed "Fire Safe Cigarettes."  Fire Safe Cigarettes, or FSC, will extinguish automatically if the cigarette is left unattended or if the smoker stops puffing.  More and more states are making it a law that only FSC cigarettes can be sold.

As of January 1st, the state of Florida became one of the more recent states to require the sale of FSC cigarettes.  I came across this story about how smokers don't like the new cigarettes.  There was one quote in the article that I found particularly amusing, "Fire retardant? I just want to know what they're really putting in there, and when it'll have an effect on my health."  

 Let me see if I have this straight?  You are smoking a product that has been shown to cause lung and other cancers.  Yet now you are concerned about what might be in a cigarette and how it might impact your health?  Seems illogical to me.  Now, I don't personally smoke cigarettes.  I do, however, know some people who do.  I have had one acquaintance tell me that she doesn't like the FSC cigarettes because she has to puff more often, otherwise they go out on her.  Puffing more?  Now that can't be good.

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  1. If you idiot proof the world you make a world full of idiots.

  2. It's a matter of making something that's dangerous even more dangerous. I've been trying to come up with metaphors to help nonsmokers understand without luck so far but if at first you don't succeed try, try again right? OK, people are injured or killed in their cars and trucks (vehicles) every day but we all climb in and go for rides over and over. We love our dangerous vehicles. Suppose the government made laws that prohibit seat belts and good tires. They made it mandatory to have something heavy on the top so when a tires blows the vehicle would roll. Remember the Pinto fiasco back in the '70s? How 'bout if all cars had to have gas tanks that would explode on impact? I hope this helps! :-)

  3. Dickster, Smoke em', if you got em', and go to the poor house if you do. Have you seen the$$$$$$, cigs cost these days? I don't smoke, my Son do's, and his Grandparents are rolling(pissed) in their graves. Keep upping the sin taxes, and I'm sure people will quit.

  4. I'm afraid if they keep upping the sin tax people will start buying them illegally, like alcohol during prohibition.

    By the way hi Dickster! It's nice to *meet* you. :-)

  5. Harrison-aptly put.

    Carrie, welcome and thanks for the comments. As far as buying illegally, people are doing it all the time, especially if a high cigarette tax state borders a low tax state. There have been a number of cigarette smuggling stories in the past with people buying cigs in VA and bringing them to MD to sell cheaper.

    Don-smoking is one habit I am glad I never developed. Some states have the sin taxes so high it costs over $10 for a pack of cigs. Too rich for my blood

  6. This Fire Safe cigarette thing is the same kind of trick the tobacco industry pulled when they came out with low tar cigarettes and other kinds of cigarettes designed to convince us that there was such a thing as a safe or healthy cigarette.

  7. Thank YOU Dickster and you're welcome. Yes, I bet Wyoming is making tons of money since they're the only non FSC state left. I was referring more to bootlegging though. :-)



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