Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing Says Loving...

Nothing says loving like 120,000 pounds of crap??

Dick Kleis is a farmer in eastern Iowa.  In honor of his wife's 67th birthday, he decided to spell out in large letters his birthday wishes.  So he took three hours and 60 tons of manure to spell out "HAP B DAY LUV
U."  He ran out of manure before he was able to add a heart to the message.  Who says romance is dead?

I was telling my wife the story.  When I told her Kleis made a large sign to wish his wife a happy birthday, her response was, "That's sweet."  Then when I told her what the sign was made of, she was, well, in a word, repulsed.

Fortunately, the 60 tons of shit wasn't her only present.  The lovely couple also went out to dinner and a movie.  I hope he washed his hands first.

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  1. And think, this Spring... the weeds will grow there first. The gift that keeps on giving. ... I'm taking notes. I just need to find 20 acres and 90 tons of manure. :)

  2. at least I know ahead of time that Mrs Dickster would not be pleased with something like that. I wonder what a ton of manure goes for these days?

  3. Another reason why, I'm divorced, and my ex said, I didn't "Treasure her". I never told her I loved her, with shit. She did tell me numerous times that, I was full of shit. I should have used that to say. I love you!

  4. if you had of, then she would have known it came from deep inside you.



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