Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Real Reason We Work

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md)
A quick question for everybody out there; why do you work?  The answer probably depends a lot on where you are in your stage of life.  For example, when I was 15, I wanted to be able to drive when I turned 16.  My folks did not have a lot of money when we were growing up, so I was told I needed to pay for my own car, my own insurance, and my own gasoline.  So, I got a job at a local convenience store fairly close to the house about two months before my 16th birthday.

I was always a pretty decent student, and I wanted to go to college.  It was always my desire to attend the University of Maryland.  I was encouraged by my folks to attend college, but it was going to be something that I would have to pay for myself.  I did get a couple of small scholarships and grants, but it was not enough to pay for my full education.  So, I worked my way through school.  Plus I still needed cash for the car, and like most college students, I needed my beer money.

For most of my life, I have worked for the purpose of providing myself, and now my wife and son, with the things we needed.  Things like homes, clothing, food, transportation, and other essentials of life.  I also worked to provide us with things that we wanted, more the things they want these day.  But I think you get the overall picture.  I think most of you are probably like me and work for many of these same reasons.

Well, apparently I have been wrong all these years.  You see, my Congressman, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) revealed the real reason it is good for people to earn money in his weekly press briefing yesterday.  The real reason we need to work and earn money, at least according to Hoyer, is so that WE CAN PAY TAXES! quotes the congressman thus:
“We also had some good news for the first time in approximately two years. The projection of revenues has stabilized, not decreased. That is a very good sign because it is a sign that people are in fact making money and will be in a position, because they’re making money, to pay a portion of that in revenues to the federal government.”
So there you have it.  The real reason we work.  I think that gives you a pretty good idea of the Democrat mindset.  If you are like me, and the reason you work is to provide for your self and your family or you are trying to get ahead, then you have it all wrong.  In fact, you may be a conservative, a Libertarian, or God forbid, a Republican.  However, if you think the purpose of earning money is to pay taxes to the government, then you are more than likely a Democrat or a dumbass or both, just like my Congressman.
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  1. Bravo...Bravo! I like you, started working(for a paycheck), 35 years ago. Every year citizens work longer and longer for our FED.

    VatTax, National Sales Tax, pull the IRS out by the roots. Washington, quit SPENDING!

    As an aside, you know you hear about the Gov't "giving away" our money? Mine, seems to have vanished too. The SocSec lockbox of ours, is missing! I'm trying to collect Disability after over 35 years of PAYING, and have to fight for it. Wrongwrongwrong. I though it was, Gov't for the people, by the people?


  2. It is amazing what you have to go through to get any assistance when you actually need it. When I was laid off from a job a few years back, I had to jump through hoops to collect unemployment. I guess I could have used an organization like ACORN to show me how to use the system



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