Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown:Senator Elect Massachusetts

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It is about 9:15 as I begin writing this. I am watching the election results coming in on FOX and it is looking more and more likely that the Republican, Scott Brown will defeat the Democrat, Martha (Marcia) Coakley. One would think that the Democratic leadership would take this at a sign that the people in general are unhappy with the direction that the Democrat leadership; Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are taking the country.

Instead, in an amazing show of how arrogant and out of touch the leadership is, my Congressman, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has an unbelievable quote.  According to The Hill, Hoyer is quoted as saying that "I think what the public is angry about is they see, first of all, an opposition for opposition's sake."

Are you fucking kidding me??!!  Massachusetts, a state where Democrats have a 3-1 edge in registered voters and has not had a Republican Senator since 1972 has elected a man who will break the Democrats fillibuster proof margin in the Senate.  This will make it harder for the Democrats to further their far left agenda and Hoyer actually can make a statement like that with a straight face?

So now we have a Republican win a Senate race in a heavily Democrat state like Massachusetts.  This comes after a Republican won the gubernatorial race in New Jersey, another heavily Democrat state, and a landslide Republican gubernatorial win in Virginia.  Somehow the Dems don't seem to get that the people are angry.  It will be interesting to see what types of shenanigans that the Democrat leadership will come up with now to force through an agenda that the people don't want.
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  1. At some point all of them are going to have to stop bickering and get some work done. I love Brown's quote about the "Kennedy seat" and how it's the People Seat. That, right there, won him the election. It's about time these people whom we elect start representing us rather than the lobbyists.

  2. I could not agree more. The whole process has become so corrupt with special deals to get votes and unions getting tax breaks that the non union folks don't. It's obscene



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