Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sanyo Incognito & Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

The item you see picture here is the new SANYO Incognito Model #SCP6760 qwerty keyboard flip phone.  Pretty slick looking isn't it?  This is the kind of phone that Mrs. Dickster would want to carry around with her, a flip phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.  She prefers having the actual keys instead of the virtual keyboards you find on a lot of phones.

The Sanyo Incognito is being launched by the folks at Boost Mobile at an introductory price point of $129.99.  The phone features a 2MP camera with a VGA Camcorder.  It also has a music and video player with enhanced web browsing capabilities.  All of these features go well with Boost Mobiles $50 per month unlimited plan.  That's unlimited phone calls, texting, and web browsing.  There is also no contract required with Boost Mobile's unlimited plan, so you are tied down to a carrier for two years.

$50 a month for unlimited texting, voice, and web browsing.  That's amazing!  Most unlimited plans are more expensive, and you might even have to pay extra for either the texting, the web browsing, or both.  I won't mention my current carrier here, but Mrs. Dickster and I share minutes on a family plan.  After we add in our additional fees for a set number of text messages and web browsing, we are well over $100 per month in our current plan.  Boost Mobile looks like a bargain to me.  Unfortunately, we are under a contract for at least one more year, but when it ends, I will have to look into Boost Mobile's unlimited plan.  All of the things that are wrong with my current plan (contract, limited airtime, texting, and browsing) are all the things that are right with Boost Mobile's unlimited plan. 

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  1. To: Mr. and Mrs. Dickster, Good post, thanks for reminding me of Boost Mobile. I think I saw a ad, during super bowl, cept I fergot, who it was.

    When I can, I think I'll boost, it...The phone you pic'd, looks perfect, for us blogger addicts.


  2. it sure does Don and you can't beat $50 for unlimited everything.



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