Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Is Why Companies Block Some Websites

Imagine you are sitting at your desk at work.  You are a little bored and decide to do a little internet browsing.  So you find some hot pictures of Australian model Miranda Kerr.  All is good, except one of your coworkers is doing a live television interview and the images on your computer screen are being broadcast out for all the world to see.  Then you turn around and look straight into the camera just as the interview is ending.  BUSTED!

Needless to say, the video has become a YouTube hit.  I have worked for a few different companies over the years.  Everywhere I have worked they have had some sort of filter to block some websites.  Granted, the pictures were on GQ, so I could see how that might escape the filter.  But look at the setting.  It isn't like he is in a private office.  He is in a cubicle farm and anybody could see what is on his screen.  I can't imagine sitting in an open office area looking at pictures like these.

The pictures are very sexy.  She is nude in some, but as Monty Python used to say, the "naughty bits" are covered more or less.  If you want to get a better view of what the banker was looking at on his computer screen, here is the link to the slide show on the GQ website.   Miranda Kerr: Photos Photos:

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