Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Government in Action

I was checking a few sites checking looking for anything that I might want to blog about this evening.  I stumbled upon a few things on Neal Boortz's website in Nealz Nuze.  Boortz had a link to a post at Axis of Right on more wasteful census spending.  Axis of Right received a letter from the Census Bureau announcing that in the next week they would receive a census form, and they should fill it out and return it. 
OK.  Is there anybody out there that doesn't know that the census is coming out?  The government spent $2.5 million to advertise it on the Super Bowl.  I keep hearing radio commercials during my drive to and from work each day.  It has been all over the news.  Talk radio has been talking about all the temporary census workers that will be hired that will cause a decline in the unemployment numbers. 

Is there really a need to send everyone a letter announcing they would receive another piece of mail in a week?  Sal from Axis of Right proceeded to give an estimate of how much it must have cost to send the letter.  Conservatively, the price came in at over $42 million dollars.  Granted, that isn't a whole lot of dough when billions are tossed around like carrying around money, but it is indicative of the waste involved in our federal bureaucracy.  
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  1. they have to do this because of the knuckleheads that are afraid of the census,that it might be a way of controling them.


    Nuke em' in 2K10 and 2K12! We the people can stand up and unwind this mess--When the going get's tough....




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