Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Shake Weight

This afternoon, my son wanted to go to Hooter's for lunch.  I can always go for some wings, so we headed on out.  If you have never been to Hooter's, like a lot of sports bars they have multiple televisions on showing sports.  On one of the screens, I saw the following infomercial playing.

Now, my son loves watching infomercials, so I have seen a lot of exercise infomercials, the P90X, the Bowflex, the Total Gym, and others. The Shake Weight was one that I had not seen before. I could not hear the actual commercial, but suffice to say that the thoughts I had while watching it were more in line with the parody below.

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  1. I just saw this commercial for the first time on Saturday. Suffice to say, great minds think alike! :) Funny! Did you have a few wings at Hooters?

  2. yes, I did. I had the hot ones with blue cheese



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