Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Price Fame?

What price are you willing to pay for fame, or maybe for infamy?  Would you be willing to put your health and well being into serious jeopardy, especially if you have a young child?  Would you be willing to open yourself up for ridicule and criticism from the majority of folks?

Sure, when I was younger, I dreamed of becoming rich and famous.  Of course, most of those dreams revolved around becoming a rock star or a pro athlete.  Neither of those things would necessarily involve jeopardizing ones health or reputation.  Well, at least not too much.

A woman in New Jersey has set a goal for herself.  Her goal is to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.  In and of itself, that is not so bad, but this woman has as her goal to be the fattest woman who ever lived.  She currently weighs in at 600 pounds and would like to weigh 1000 pounds.

She already holds one record by being the heaviest woman to give birth to a child.  Her weekly food bill amounts $750 per week, and she eats 12000 calories per day. I think my food bill for my family of three is only $750 per month.  Or at least not much more than that. To help pay her food bills, she has a website where people can pay to watch her eat or sit around the house.

I frequently wonder these days about the general state of our society.  I have never understood the fascination of reality television or the people that put themselves on those shows.  How does somebody get to the point where their goal is to be the fattest woman to ever live?  The fact that  people would want to essentially be a voyeur into her world, and pay to watch it, just strikes me as incredibly sad. 

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