Sunday, April 18, 2010

News Briefs-4/18/10

Under normal circumstances, it would be proper and appropriate for the POTUS, Barack Obama, to attend the funeral service of the President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, after Kaczynski died in an airplane crash.  However, with the volcanic eruption in Iceland that has grounded transatlantic flights for the past few days, it is prudent that the administration has decided not to attend.  As much as I disagree with Obama and his policies, I would not want to see Air Force One involved in a disaster because of the volcanic ash.  I mean seriously, could you ever imagine Joe Biden as president if anything were to happen to Obama.  On a serious note, an old friend of mine has been stuck in the UK for the past four days because of the eruption.  Todd, I hope you make it home safely and soon.

Speaking of the President, at first I thought I would just let it go by without mentioning it, but I just can't do it.  On April 15th, as there were rallies across the country regarding the nation's tax policy and the ever increasing spending by the administration, Barack Obama showed the disdain he had for the American people that disagree with him.  He essentially mocks those in the Tea Party movement by saying he is amused at the protests and he would think that they would be thanking him.  What a fucking arrogant asshole!  Sorry, I guess that makes me a racist.  George W. Bush was not without his faults, but I don't think you once heard him mock or dismiss the citizens that disagreed with his policies.  IMHO Bush is a much bigger man that Obama would ever hope to be.

On a somewhat lighter note, former escort Ashley Dupre appears on the cover of the May issue of Playboy magazine.  Within the pages is a nude pictorial and interview.  Should we even care?  If you have forgotten about Ashley, she is the escort who was involved with Elliot Spitzer, thus ending his political career.  As a Libertarian, I have no real issue with Ashley's former vocation, or with Spitzer's involvement with her.  I usually take the position that I am more concerned with dealing with my own sins rather than the sins of others.  However, Spitzer set himself up as a holier than thou reformer, and when you set yourself up above everyone else, you have farther to fall.  He got what he deserved.  One other thing, Ashley was an aspiring singer, and blames the scandal for derailing her singing career.  That wasn't it.  I heard a couple of her songs, and she just could not sing.
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  1. I saw part of an interview with the lovely Ms. Ashely on a TV show. Evidently, she also has a sex advice show on the radio and a column in the New York Post, and when the interviewer posed a couple of hypothetical questions to her that might come from Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods' wife, she became fairly agitated because the interview was supposed to be a promotion of her Playboy spread.

  2. amazing that people go on these shows and not think they will be asked about their past actions.



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