Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alexandria Recycling Bins

Do you remember the Audi "Green Police" Super Bowl commercial?

The city of Alexandria VA has taken a step towards the reality of a "Green Police."  It sounds innocuous enough.  They are going to be sending new, larger recycling bins to the city residents to encourage greater participation in the recycling program.  They say that more people would participate if the bins were larger.  I recycle here in Bowie, MD and my bin is usually 80% full when I put it out on pick up day.

But these are no ordinary recycling bins.  No sirree, Bob.  These recycling bins come equipped with a microchip to allow the city to ascertain who is and is not recycling, or at least using the new bins.  The city claims that their aim is not to target individuals, but to identify neighborhoods within the city that they can "target their educational efforts."  Yeah, right, and if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle.

As I said, I do recycle, maybe not as fastidiously as I could, but I do recycle.  Being an ornery SOB, I would most likely continue to recycle, but would continued to use the old, smaller, not tracking bin.  Just the way I am.  The new bins just seem a little too Big Brother is watching for my taste.  Oh, and lest I forget, the Alexandria city residents will all be charged $9 for the new bins, whether they want them or not.
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