Monday, May 17, 2010

Bark in the Park Day

Yesterday was "Bark in the Park Day" at the Bowie Baysox game.  It is a promotion they run a couple times a year where fans can bring their dogs out to the stadium to enjoy the game.  On the concourse, they have vendors and organizations for folks to pick up info and samples for their dogs.

As much as a dog person as I am, it is not my favorite promotion of the year.  There are a couple reasons why I am not a big fan of the promotion.  First, there is the barking.  Not that I expect quiet in a ball park, but you don't expect to hear barking.  Another reason is that the dogs end up blocking the aisles.  Last year, I had to deal with a dog who kept coming up and sniffing my ankles.  The last reason is that my son is very wary of dogs ever since an overly friendly black lab pup frightened him years ago.

Having said all that, though, we usually end up attending at least one game a year where they are running the "Bark in the Park" promotion.  Yesterday happened to be one of those days.  There are a couple reasons why we attended yesterday's game.  One of the reasons was that we had received a coupon good for half price tickets.  You can't pass up a bargain like that.

The other reason has to do with my son.  As I have said numerous times on this blog, my son is autistic.  Even though he is now 16 years old, and physically a man, mentally he is very much on an elementary school level in a lot of ways.  So, he likes a lot of things that are geared towards much younger kids.  Also, making an appearance yesterday was Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  It was one of his favorite books that we used to read together.  He really wanted to see Clifford.  Just look at his face when he got to meet Clifford yesterday.  How could I possibly deny him that?

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  1. The Clifford moment made it all worth while. So glad you documented it on camera. Wuf Wuf....

  2. Thanks, and next Sunday we get to see Word Girl



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