Saturday, May 22, 2010

Come to the USA

For those of us who support the recently passed Arizona immigration are not anti-immigration or racist as the left would have you believe.  We are against illegal immigration and support the enforcement of our existing federal immigration laws and securing our borders.  This is what the Arizona law hopes to accomplish, the enforcement of current federal immigration laws.

The left likes to throw the racist label out there as often as they can towards anybody that disagrees with them these days.  They like to claim that when somebody says "some of my best friends are black," then that is a sure sign the person is racist.  So I hesitate a bit to go down the road I am about to go down.

As I said, I am not against immigration, but against illegal immigration.  I am proud to have had friendships through my life with folks who were immigrants. One of my best friends in elementary school was from Trinidad.  Among my friends today are Gary, Grace, and Bambi from the Grace's Fortune restaurant where I worked for a few years as a delivery driver.  Then there is Akintunde (Ak for short) from Nigeria who I worked with at Barnes & Noble, and there are others.

Those friends and others have done it the right way, by obeying our laws, not by sneaking across the border illegally.  It is those that do not obey our laws that do not deserve to be here, nor do they deserve amnesty and a fast track to citizenship.  So, yes, I was offended when the Mexican president proceeded to trash Arizona on the floor of Congress.  I was even more offended at the asshole libs that gave him standing ovations for his comments.

For those immigrants who have done it the right way, welcome to America.  For those who have no respect for our laws, go home.  For a little more lighthearted view of the subject, here is a little Ray Stevens for you.

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