Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Schools are Totally Messed Up

There is something seriously wrong with the school systems in this country.

First, you had an assistant principal in California who told five kids they had to remove clothing that displayed the American flag or go home.  He was concerned that it might offend kids of Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo.

A couple days later, also in California, a 13 year old was told during art class to choose another art project because the teacher deemed her project "offensive."  She drew the American flag and was just starting to write "God Bless America" when the teacher confronted her.  The teacher praised another student's drawing of Barack Obama.  When asked point blank in a meeting with the child's parents whether it was the flag that was offensive or the phrase "God Bless America," the teacher would not answer.  The lesson, Obama is good, the flag is bad.

Now, there is a 10 year old girl in Texas is facing a week of detention because of the school's "zero tolerance" policy.  Her offense was accepting a Jolly Rancher candy from one of her classmates at lunch.  The state has a law that bans so called "minimally nutritious" foods.  Each school district is given their own discretion on how to enforce the rule, but one week detention for something as trivial as having a piece of candy seems a bit asinine to me.

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  1. Zero tolerance has become no common sense, I am surprised this happened in Texas. Of course
    this whole thing is, in part, is progressives way to groom people to be use to the government to
    look out for them, you shouldn’t have that candy its not good for you, you are using to much salt,
    you should eat tofu instead of that hamburger, it goes on and on. People have to stand up to this

  2. And the hysteria sets in. :D

  3. couldn't agree more, Solomon.

    No hysteria, Len. Just pointing out stupidity when I see it. Just so happens it usually comes from the left

  4. You sure got this one right. What idiocy.



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