Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reconsidering Vegetarianism

I like my meat.  Seriously.  Beef, chicken, pork, then I am on it.  Especially if it is grilled.  To be fair, I do think that we would probably be healthier on a vegetarian diet.  Several years ago, I read the book "Diet for a Small Planet."  It did get me thinking about all the meat I was eating.

I recall shortly after reading that book, that we were at a meeting to launch a new line of steaks that the grocery chain I was working for was getting ready to begin selling.  This new line of beef, was not considered "prime" grade or angus beef, but it was guaranteed to be extremely tender.  As our CEO described the techniques that were used to guarantee the tenderness of the beef, I became sick to my stomach.  They brought out some sort of beef dish for lunch, and I could not eat it.

That marked a time when I actually gave up meat.  I tried the veggie burgers and hot dogs.  I found a line of veggie brats that even gave you that same burping aftertaste as the real stuff.  My wife even tried making a variety of vegetarian meals for me using things like polenta.  The grand experiment ended up lasting about a month.  Now, had there been a restaurant like Casa Diablo featured in the video below, I might have been able to convert.

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