Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Long, Arlen!

Arlen Specter is emblematic of the problems in Washington these days, and the reason so many of us want to throw most of the bums out on their collective asses.  It is not because he is a Democrat, though that in and of itself should be cause for concern.  It isn't even because he decided to switch from the Republican Party to the Democrats.  Had he simply said last year that he now found himself more in agreement with the Democrats than the Republicans and stopped there, it probably would not have bothered me that much.  The truth is, it is what he said after that they is where the real problem with Arlen Specter begins.  To refresh your memory, here in all his glory is Specter explaining his reason for switching parties.

The real reason, as Specter revealed, is that he realized that he faced a challenge in Pat Toomey who decided to challenge Specter in the Pennsylvania Republican primary.  He knew he was behind, and he knew he would most likely lose.  To Specter and his ilk (ie Charlie Crist), it isn't about serving his constituents and letting the electorate decide who they want to represent them.  No, to them it is all about maintaining their power and getting reelected no matter what it takes.  It has been that way for Specter's entire political career.  After all, he started as a Democrat and switched to the Republicans when it became apparent that it was the best way for him to achieve his first elected office.

Specter thought that he would have an easier time getting reelected by becoming a Democrat as opposed to a Republican.  How appropriate and ironic that instead of facing Toomey in the Republican primary that he would still end up facing a challenge from Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary.  How wonderfully delicious that he would lose to a challenger that the Democrat establishment did not want in the race.  It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
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  1. clapclapclapclapclap--bravobravobravo, Dickster. Could not have put it any better myself.

    I pray this is just the start of a longlong purging of the filthy ilk that is Washington.

    Bring on November! Remember out there to Votucate yourselves!

    Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

  2. Personally I was wondering if Arlen Specter would run as an Independent if he lost the Democrat primary, and pull a Charlie Crist if one could describe it as such.

    The ultimate question is will the people really throw the bums out? The American public is outraged at all these progressive policies, but will those who want big government manage to out number those of use who don't in November? God help us if they do.

  3. Don, thanks. Does this mean you are back from hiatus?

    Solomon I hope we do throw the bums out, because I am not sure how much more of these guys I can take



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