Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Days at the Beach

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We got home today from a couple of days at the beach in Ocean City, MD.  My father in law has a mobile home there that he uses for when he goes deep sea fishing.  If the trailer is available, we have a place to stay without paying for a hotel stay.

Some years, the trailer has cable television available, and some years it doesn't.  This happened to be one of the years it doesn't.  Now, as a general rule, I can do without the boob tube.  The rest of the family, on the other hand, usually has to have it on if there is one in the room.

Fortunately, the two nights we were there, the Delmarva Shorebirds had games scheduled and both nights were great weather to watch a ball game.  Both nights also happened to be fireworks nights.  By the time we got home from the games, everybody was ready for bed, so the lack of television didn't bother us too much.  The lack of internet access did get me a little jittery though.

Whenever we do go to the beach, our activities include a handful of things.  We usually head down to the boardwalk and walk from one end to the other.  We always have to stop at Bull on the Beach to have a pit beef sandwich.  The sandwich on Friday afternoon was perfect, not a bit of fat on it.  Then we hit a few of the shops on the boardwalk.

We used to always go to the arcades on the boardwalk, but for some reason, my son no longer wants to go to the arcades any longer.  In fact, getting him down to the boardwalk at all has become a bit more of a challenge.  There is one thing about walking the boardwalk.  For some reason, every time I get near the water and walk the boardwalk, I always end up wanting to get an earring.  I usually picture either an anchor or a nautical wheel. 

The other thing we end up doing a lot of is miniature golf, and there are plenty of those places around OC.  My son, really likes geography, and he knows most if not all of the islands of Hawaii.  There is one mini golf spot in OC called Maui Golf, so we usually end up playing there.  It isn't the most challenging course, but he likes it and that's all that matters.

All in all, it was a pretty relaxing few days.  However, no matter how nice a time you have getting away, it is always great to get home to sleep in your own bed.
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