Saturday, May 29, 2010

Warning Labels

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There are entire books that talk about all of the different warning labels out there.  Due to our litigious society, we are increasingly seeing warning labels that would appear to be obvious to anybody with a lick of common sense.  I have come across a few of my own in recent weeks.

As I have said previously, I deliver pizzas as a part time job.  Frequently, while waiting for deliveries, I have to fold bundles of pizza boxes.  On the flap of the pizza box is printed the following warning, "Caution Contents May Be Hot."  I certainly hope so.  When I buy a pizza, I expect it to be hot.
 On a package of peanuts, I recently saw the following warning, "This product is produced on machines that process other nuts."  I understand how hazardous it could be for people with nut allergies to come into contact with nut products, so I fully understand some packaging having that warning.  However, if you are buying a bag of peanuts, wouldn't you expect that the machinery used to package the product processed nuts?

On another package of bite sized candy (the same warning was also on the bag of peanuts) stated that small pieces of hard or soft candy could present a choking hazard.  I think just about anything you put in your mouth can become a choking hazard once you start chewing on it.  Come to think of it, I have had a drink go down the wrong pipe, and it sure caused me to choke.

A lot of the warning labels out there are warranted.  However, we have become so concerned about lawsuits since a woman burnt herself with hot coffee and won in court, that it has started to border on the absurd.  Life is full of risk, and you can't prevent everything or account for every possible accident.  Whatever happened to common sense?
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  1. I was using "status shuffle" on Facebook the other day, and it came up with: "I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity...but maybe we should remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself."

    Loved your post!



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