Tuesday, June 22, 2010

eBook Price War

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Back before Christmas, I started looking into getting an eBook reader.  At the time, the Nook from Barnes & Noble had yet to be released, and the two main competitors were the Amazon Kindle or the Sony eBooks.  There were a couple reasons that I decided against getting an eBook reader at that time; I wanted to wait to see the Nook and I was hesitant to lay out $259 for one.

After the release of the Nook, I still wasn't sure which one I would want to get.  I had heard about a number of different problems with the Nook, which can be somewhat expected with a new technological device.  The Kindle had better reviews for reliability, but I had heard that you were a little more limited in the formats of eBooks that you could read with the Kindle.

In the last two days, the possibility of getting an eBook reader has greatly improved for me.  Yesterday, I received an email from Barnes & Noble that they had lowered the retail on their original Nook from $259 to $199.  They also released a lower price Nook that operated only on Wi-Fi hot spots as opposed to the original which has 3G capability like the Kindle.

Today on the Amazon website, they have lowered the retail on their Kindle to $189.  Personally, if I could get one today, I would probably get the new Wi-Fi only Nook.  I do not see the need, at least for me, to have the 3G capability so that I could buy a book anywhere at anytime.  I would still like to see the pricing come down a bit more, but they are at least getting to the point where it may be time to start putting a few dollars aside for one.
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