Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peacocks and Other Sights

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Last night, I was out doing my pizza delivery gig.  Most of the houses that we deliver to are your typical suburban homes; single family homes on small lots, townhouses, and apartments.  However, some of the areas we deliver to are wooded areas with long, narrow driveways.

It was at one of the houses in a more rural area where I saw something I had never seen, at least not outside of a zoo or a petting farm.  I was backing out of one driveway, and I looked to make sure everything behind me was clear.  There, standing on top of a mailbox of the neighboring house on my side of the car was a magnificent blue peacock.  Before I could stop the car and pull out my BlackBerry to take a picture, the bird jumped off of the mailbox.

As I said before, the only place that I have ever seen a peacock was either at a zoo or a petting farm, so I was somewhat surprised to see one out and about in Davidsonville, MD.  My first thought was that it had somehow escaped a nearby petting farm, but doing a few Google searches, it turns out that a lot of people keep peacocks as pets.  Still, I would have expected a pet peacock to be kept in a pen so that it couldn't escape.  Hopefully, this bird is safe and sound.

Speaking of sights, I was driving home from doing my weekly grocery shopping this morning, when I came upon a traffic accident waiting to happen.  You know those rigid, plastic kiddie swimming pools?  I was on a two lane interstate where the speed limit is 55mph.  There was a car with a kiddie pool on top driving about 10mph with their hazard lights flashing on a merge lane that was coming to an end.  The pool was not tied to the top of the car, but the driver had one hand out the window, and a passenger on the other side holding on to the pool.  I don't know about you, but if I were planning to transport a pool on top of my car, I would have either brought something to tie it down, or sprung for the extra couple box a ball of twine would have cost. 
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