Saturday, July 3, 2010

Charles Lollar for Congress

This morning, I ran out to the grocery store to pick up a couple items for dinner.  At the traffic light where I needed to turn to get to the store, there were two African American gentleman passing out campaign literature.  Usually, I pass by anybody at a traffic light passing out info, asking for donations, or selling something.  However, these gentleman were passing out campaign literature for Charles Lollar.

I had seen Lollar on the Hannity television show a few weeks ago, and was impressed.  Lollar is a Major in the USMC (Reserves), a businessman, a husband, and a father of four.   Lollar is running for Maryland Congressional seat in the 5th District, which happens to be the seat currently held by one of my least favorite politicians, Steny Hoyer.  He still needs to win the Republican primary against Collins Bailey, but so far I have seen Lollar's name out there a lot more than Bailey's.  Both men would be a major improvement over the status quo.

Lollar joins a growing number of minorities running for office this year as a Republican.  After years of being labeled the "Party of Old White Men," it is good to see a little diversity in the GOP.  Sure, you had your occasional African American Republican like JC Watts or Herman Cain, but they were few and far between.  In 2006, we had Michael Steele running against Ben Cardin here in Maryland, but unfortunately fell short.  Here is hoping that folks like Lollar, Allen West, and Star Parker, among others can continue to rise in prominence in the GOP, and help draw other minorities away from the Democrat Party.
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