Saturday, July 10, 2010

Charles Lollar vs Collins Bailey

I have mentioned a time or two that I am not a fan of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who also happens to represent the Congressional District where I live in the state of Maryland.  Unfortunately, in a Democrat stronghold like the state of Maryland, it will be difficult.  There are two Republicans currently running for the GOP nomination to try to unseat Hoyer; Charles Lollar and Collins Bailey.

Both men are successful businessmen, husbands, and fathers of four.  More importantly, both men espouse conservative virtues.  Lollar is a Major in the USMC Reserves, has been very active in the Tea Party movement, and is one of a growing number of African-American Republicans.  Bailey promotes adherence to the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and the FairTax.  Either one would get my vote over Hoyer in November.

If social media like Facebook and Twitter are any indicators, the edge in the upcoming primary would appear to favor Lollar.  On Twitter, Lollar currently has 412 followers, while Bailey has 218.  On Facebook, Lollar has a much more dominant following with 2794 fans compared to 463 for Bailey.  Both also have a fairly high profile endorsement listed on their websites.  Bailey has been endorsed by Texas Congressman, and former Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, and Lollar has appeared on and received the endorsement of conservative commentator Sean Hannity.

The primary takes place on September 14, 2010 which will give the winner a mere seven weeks to launch a successful campaign against Hoyer who has held the seat for nearly 30 years.  It is time for new blood.  Whichever man, Bailey or Lollar, that wins the primary will have my vote come November.  May the best man win.

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