Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holder, Arizona, and Santuary Cities

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I was driving home from work this evening, listening to The Mark Levin Show on the radio.  He referenced this article in the Washington Times about Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administrations decision not to sue so called "Sanctuary Cities" that refuse to cooperate with federal law in enforcing immigration law, in spite of a 1996 federal law that requires states to cooperate.  Meanwhile, as we all know, Holder and the Department of Justice have sued the state of Arizona for actually wanting to enforce immigration laws.

The Attorney General's office is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer in the country.  It would seem that by deciding which laws to enforce, Mr. Holder is in dereliction of his sworn responsibilities.  In Holder's world, it is OK to disobey federal law if you are a radical leftist state or city and it fits in with his leftist ideology.  By the same token, if you want to enforce federal law, which is all the Arizona law wants to accomplish, you are in a heap of trouble.

If I were President, and it would never happen, I would have a pretty simple policy for dealing with illegal immigration. First and foremost, secure the border.  Second, enforce existing laws, and that means dealing harshly with those entering illegally and those employers that hire illegals.  Third, any state, city, or jurisdiction that declares itself to be a "sanctuary" for illegals would immediately cease getting any federal funding of any kind.  I considered adding "shoot to kill" but thought that might be a little too harsh.

Speaking of Mark Levin and the State of Arizona, I was glad to hear that Mark's Landmark Legal Foundation has filed an Amicus Brief in support of the state of Arizona in the court case brought against the state by the ACLU and the Mexican government.  Mark read a good bit of the brief in the first hour of his program tonight.  All I can say is that I am glad that conservatives have a man like Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation fighting on our side.  Keep fighting, Mark. 
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  1. Good article. I wrote a similar article last May describing Holder's intention to sue Arizona although he hadn't read the AZ law.

    My opinion - Obama, Holder & all are placing roadblocks all over the place for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one is to simply suck money out of our treasury for their own personal use.

  2. Couple of thoughts. 1. Low crime states are on the border. 2. It has always been the Federal Government's right to enforce the borders and the states do not have such rights. 3. This will hurt Arizona, and conventions will not go there. 4. The government of the US should enforce the borders more, but it are more pro business than pro people. That is why Bush and Obama bail out banks before people.

  3. One more thing. Mark Levin is a smart guy. He knows it is the right of the Federal Government and not the states to enforce immigration. As far as sanctuary cities are concerned, I didn't see Bush going after them.

    You listen to Levin too much and you will warp your brain. I am as concerned about the NWO as the other guy, but we need to get the Federal Government to enforce the border.



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