Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jaywalking-4th of July Edition

I received an email today from Human Events that had this Jaywalking episode in honor of the July 4th holiday.  Sadly, most of the people who made the airing showed a pathetic lack of rudimentary knowledge of why we celebrate.  Jay has three generations of one family in the final segment, and only the elder statesman, grandpa, answers any questions correctly, and he aces them all.  Sadly, I feel this generational disparity is an indictment of our educational system.  It also explains how a community organizer who can become President.

About two years ago, I posted a link to a Civics Knowledge test that was sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.  When the test was first released, 71% of those taking the test failed, and the average score was 49%.  I did fairly well two years ago, getting 84.7%.  After seeing this Jaywalking episode from the Tonight Show, I retook the test, and improved my score, getting 90.9% correct.  You can click this link to take the test.  Let me know how you do on it.

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