Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron James Decision Day

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I have always been a huge sports fan.  At times, so much so to the detriment of other interests.  Over he last few years, my interest has waned somewhat.  Even though my overall interest has waned, I still somewhat follow the general happenings of the major sports.  So I have been aware that LeBron James has been weighing his options as an NBA free agent.

There is no doubt that James is one of the most talented players in the game.  He will definitely receive the maximum offer allowed from whichever team he decides to sign a contract with.  I do not begrudge anybody for getting the maximum amount of money for utilizing their talents.  I confess that when you start talking about the kind of money he is going to get, that I do get a little sentimental and like to see players show a little loyalty and take a little less to stay with their home town team.  In this particular case, his current team can offer more by giving him an extra year on the contract.

As I said, LeBron is a tremendous talent, and probably the most high profile free agent to hit the market in any sport in recent years.  So I do understand the hype surrounding his decision.  The part of the hype that I do not understand is the decision of ESPN to broadcast a one hour television special devoted to the announcement of where James will play next year.  I for one will not be watching the show, and I speak as somebody who has sat through several rounds of watching the NFL draft.  I will just catch it on the news if they don't put a crawl on whatever show I end up watching.  
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  2. So it is II. Better tax situation in Miami, no state income tax

  3. No state income tax in Texas, either. And he could have played with Dirk here. Go figure.

    It saddens me that we can pay these athletes 30, 40, 50 million dollars a year to play games but we can't (or won't) pay our teachers a decent living wage.

  4. Len, priorities are a bit out of whack when it comes to salaries, I also think of our military, police, and others who put themselves in harms way to try to keep us safe



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