Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New World Record

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Well, the Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren saga appears to be over, or at least getting closer to the end.  It is being reported that the couple has reached a divorce settlement after Tiger's multiple affairs.  Nordegren will reportedly walk away with $750 million and custody of the two kids, and Tiger will again be able to swing his club wherever he chooses to.

The settlement will set a new record in terms of celebrity divorce settlements.  As part of the agreement, Tiger will not be able to bring any new lady friends in contact with the kids unless he ends up marrying them.  For her part, Nordegren will not be allowed to make any public comments about his alleged affairs as he tries to rebuild his image.

Though as I type this, there have been new reports that she will not get as much as originally reported.  No matter, she deserves every penny she gets from him for the way he publicly humiliated her.  I guess this shows there is truth in the old saying, "it's cheaper to keep her."  If Tiger ever marries again, let's hope he has learned his lesson.
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