Thursday, July 29, 2010

Virtual Dating on Smingle

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What happens when singles get together to mingle?  They Smingle!  Smingle is a new social dating site that takes cutting edge online technology to a new level.    Welcome to the world of virtual dating.

Let's face it, the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another.  With social media sites and online chat rooms, it is easy to come into contact with folks from all across the planet. There have been people that I have chatted with online on different sites, and it is nice to get to know them a bit. But what if you want to get to know them beyond their profile?  That is where Smingle comes in, by providing a safe place to get to know one another before meeting.  Plus, according to the European Journal of Social Psychology, "People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date," resulting in greater dating success.   

One of the cool things about Smingle is that it goes way beyond the typical chat room/instant messaging environment.  When you sign up for Smingle, you are able to create a 3D avatar that you can customize to look like you. You can change clothes, hair styles, just about anything you want.  You can create fun romantic dates like an Empire State Building date.  While on your date, your avatar will interact with your date.  For instance, type LOL and your avatar laughs.  You can even flirt and blow a kiss to your date.  Think of it as a chat room on steroids.

It is pretty simple to get started, just sign up and fill in as much of your profile as you want.  If you upload a photo to your profile, you will get a 3 month Elect Select membership for no charge.  I signed up for a free membership to check it out for this post, but I don't think Mrs. Dickster would appreciate me going out on virtual dates.  However, if you are one of my single readers, you ought to check it out.  When I was single, I tried using dating services, and if I were single, I would give Smingle a trial run.

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