Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Blogoversary to Me

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs earlier in the day, when I saw on injaynesworld that Jayne was celebrating her 1st Blogoversary this past Thursday.  Jayne has a smart, witty blog, though her political viewpoint is much more liberal than mine.  Check her out.  Congratulations, Jayne on your Blogoversary.

After seeing Jayne's post about her Blogoversary, it reminded me that I was coming up on mine.  So I went back and checked the date of my first blog post here.  It was August 4, 2008, so I just celebrated my 2nd Blogoversary.  To think, I almost missed it.  I usually don't like to acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries as they tend to remind me of my increasing age.

When I started this two years ago, I wasn't sure how long I would stay with it.  I found a couple of old friends through their blogs and they inspired me to start mine.  One of them warned me that it could become an addictive habit.  He was right.  I want to thank everyone who visits here on a regular basis to see the ravings of my lunatic mind.  I especially want to thank all of those who also take the time to comment.
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