Friday, August 6, 2010

Ray Stevens "God Save Arizona"

Last night, a heavy rain came through the DC area an hour or two before rush hour.  That started the traffic mess.  Then, another wave of heavy rains came through the area right as the rush hour was hitting full force.  Consequently, nobody could remember how to drive and traffic was more hideous than usual.

So, after a much longer than usual commute home that saw me get home at 8pm instead of my usual 6:30, I was feeling rather frazzled.  I was glad to see an email alert from announcing his latest music video, "God Save Arizona."  I was hoping that it would be another one of Ray's humorous looks at one of the topical issues of the day, the government suing Arizona over their immigration law.  It wasn't his usual humorous treatment of a serious issue, but I thought it worth posting here anyway.

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