Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revenge of the Bull

I will never be confused with a bleeding heart liberal.  Nor would I ever be confused with animal rights activists like those folks at PETA.  There are certain areas where I can find a little common ground.  One of those happens to be with the tradition of bullfighting.

I consider bullfighting to be a totally barbaric institution.  I almost called it a sport, but I just can't.  There is nothing sporting about killing an animal for entertainment.  There are those who would call out hunters as killing an animal for sport, but the main purpose of hunting is for food, not sport.  Besides, in hunting, there isn't a crowd in an arena cheering for the demise of the animal.  I should say that for myself, I do not hunt, and I do not want to.  In fact, I have often said that if steak did not come neatly wrapped on a tray and I had to kill my own meat, I would probably be a vegetarian.

Now, I never want to see anybody get seriously hurt.  However, I think you live by the choices you make.  If you decide to participate in the bullfighting tradition of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, and you happen to get gored or trampled in the process, then I feel you have brought it on yourself.  You can't blame the bull for your stupidity or for reacting like an animal.

Below is a video of an incident that occurred during a recent bull fight in Spain.  They do everything they can to get these animals riled up to the point where they are going to attack.  After all, you want the bull to put up a good fight and put on a good show for the crowd.  This particular bull thought he saw a way out and made a run for it.  Fortunately, nobody in the crowd was killed, but 40 folks were injured.  The bull was killed for his actions.

I am not saying that those that were injured got what they deserved, though you do take the associated risk in attending any event.  I have seen people hit by line drives at a ball game, and it is an unfortunate to see.  The bull however, is always in a no-win situation.  If the bull loses the fight, he gets killed.  If he wins and injures or kills the matador, he still ends up getting killed.  Where is the sport in that?

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  1. my heart goes to the bull, what do animal welfare advocates doing about it, or are their hands politically tied too?



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