Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roof Update

Two w:roofers at work in New Orleans, Louisiana.Image via WikipediaOn Friday the 13th, we discovered we had an issue with our roof.  Without going into all the details, there was a hole in the roof from a combination of bad storms and bad plywood used by the original builder. While there was a specific spot that had the damage, the roofer recommended that the entire roof be replaced.

I guess the insurance company has been busy with claims from all of the bad weather that we had been having around here.  We finally received a visit from the insurance adjuster this morning (five days after filing our claim) to assess the damage, and to give us an estimate for the repairs.

It was a bit of good news, and a bit of bad news.  The roofer had already told us to expect that they would not cover the entire roof replacement.  He had given us an estimate of $3600 to replace the roof.  As expected, they could only compensate us for the storm damage where the water entered the home.

Between the storm damage to the roof, the portion of ceiling that fell in our closet, and damage to clothing, the adjuster will be cutting us a check that should cover about half of the new roof.  Hopefully, we will be able to find somebody who can replace the ceiling and insulation above the closet for a reasonable fee.

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