Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sports, Politics, and Unruly Fans

I am a huge sports fan.  In recent years, I have become more and more interested in politics.  I don't particularly care for it when those two worlds collide.  In fact, I hate it.  A case in point would be last weekend when folks protested outside of the Washington Nationals game.  The reason for the protest?  The Nationals were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks and people were protesting against Arizona's illegal immigration enforcement law and next year's baseball All-Star game being played in Arizona.

In my opinion, sports should be apolitical.  They should be a welcome and joyful respite from the everyday concerns of the world.  They should not become a vehicle for one's political agenda. Nothing turned me off more than when the Phoenix Suns started wearing "Los Suns" jerseys to protest SB 1070.  About the only time sports and politics should intertwine is during the Olympics, and then only to root for one's own country.  While I disagree with those who oppose the bill, and understand and support their right to protest, please leave my sports out of it.

There was another bit of action in regards to the protest at the Nationals/Diamondbacks game last weekend.  In addition to the protest outside the game, two idiots decided to run out onto the field with a banner to protest the law.  Rather than comment about what I think should happen to morons like that, I decided to show you a few examples I found on YouTube.

First there is this classic from Baltimore Colts linebacker Mike Curtis.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Here is another nice one from the world of football from Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison.

While I sometimes think that police can be too quick to use tasers, this member of Philly's finest gives this fan what he deserves.

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  1. That hit by Mike Curtis is forever etched in my memory. I can't remember if I was actually watching the game when it happened or saw replays of it soon afterward, but it made quite an impression upon me. Of course, I am quite sure that it made an even greater impression upon that idiot.

  2. it is my favorite. serves the guy right



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