Monday, September 13, 2010

Maryland GOP Primary Tomorrow

This is a picture of an American voting booth....Image via WikipediaTomorrow is primary day here in the state of Maryland.  While I consider myself to be Libertarian in my political leanings, I am registered as a Republican.  Thus, I will be able to participate in the primary voting tomorrow.  Mrs. Dickster is registered as an Independent, so is not able to vote tomorrow.

There are two races in particular that I am looking forward to watching tomorrow.  First is the GOP race for the nominee for governor.  Former Governor Bob Ehrlich is facing a challenge from newcomer Brian Murphy.  For a while it was pretty much a given that Ehrlich would get the nod.  However, Murphy has received an endorsement from Sarah Palin, and has been getting a lot more press because of it.  Ehrlich, has received the endorsement of Palin's former running mate, John McCain.  Palin has recorded robo-calls for Murphy, but I have yet to receive my call.  I am leaning heavily towards Ehrlich.

The other race that has stoked my interest tomorrow is the GOP nomination for the 5th Congressional District to oppose the seat currently held by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.  The race features Collins Bailey, who ran against Hoyer in 2008, and Charles Lollar, an African American and a Major in the Marine Reserves.  Lollar also happened to be Bailey's campaign manager in 2008.  Many in the Maryland GOP give Lollar a better chance at beating Hoyer.  Lollar has given some rousing speeches at Tea Party events, and is my choice for tomorrow.

I will be doing my civic duty tomorrow by voting in tomorrow's primary.  Six other states are having their primaries tomorrow, so if you are in one of those states, do your part.  I am looking forward to following the results tomorrow night.
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