Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pizza, Heat, and the Economy

A special type of pizza delivery practised by ...Image via WikipediaAbout a month ago, I was lamenting how poorly things had been going at my part time job delivering pizzas on the weekend.  At the time, I was wondering whether the decline in income from working my 5pm-midnight shift on Saturday nights was due to the poor economy or the excessively hot summer we had been having. 

Starting about three months ago, the DC area was broiling under one of the hottest summers in some time.  We had a string of 90 degree or better days that looks to be the second highest number of 90 plus degree days in the area on record.  It was during this period that my Saturday delivery income dropped from $70-$80 per night, to about $45-$55 per night.

The last few weeks, we have seen a significant break in the summer heat.  While there have been a few 90 degree days, for most of August the temps were running in the 80's.  With the break in temperatures, I have see a return to the $70-$80 range on Saturday nights, which is a tremendous relief for me.  Making $70-$80 or more on a Saturday night pretty much pays for the groceries for the week.

So the question is, what has changed over the last month.  Surely the economy hasn't been improving over the last month.  In fact, unemployment ticked up a bit.  The only real change around my neck of the woods is the lower temperatures in August compared to June and July.  Which begs the question, when the weather is hot, are you more or less inclined to eat a hot meal?
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