Saturday, October 23, 2010

Call Me Senator

Remember when (Hopefully soon to be ex) Senator Barbara Boxer chastised General Michael Walsh for calling her "Ma'am" instead of "Senator" during a hearing before a Senate committee?  If you want to see my reaction to that particular incident, you can see it at my post entitled "What a Bitch."

The reason I bring up that matter again is because Right Change has posted a new video by film maker David Zucker of "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" fame.  It is just too funny not to post here.  I heard the audio last night on the Mark Levin Show.  He was right when he said you get the full effect watching the video.

Right Change says that Zucker was upset with Boxer's showing of disrespect to the military and made the video "to apologize for having voted for her in previous elections."  I think the video is hilarious but makes a potent statement as well.  Hope you enjoy it.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.
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  1. You know how much I dislike disagreeing with you, Dickster (uh huh), but I think I have to go with Senator Boxer on this one. She worked hard to get where she is and you have to admit that not a lot of women make it that far up the ladder. I see nothing wrong with her insistence upon people addressing her by the title she has earned. Generals in the military insist upon being addressed as General. Right?

    Besides, I've seen a lot of negative campaign ads here in Texas this cycle, particular from the Republicans (Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, etc.) wherein they address our President as simply "Obama." Obama this and Obama that and Obama the other. I'm sorry and I know you may not like the guy or agree with his policies, but he is the flipping President of the United States of America and should be addressed as such. It's President Obama, thank you very much.

    Try calling a doctor "Mr." sometime and see how well that goes over. ;)

  2. Actually, I think your sole purpose is to antagonize me :-)



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