Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comments, Moderation, and Spam

no spam!Image via WikipediaI have been writing this blog for a little over two years now.  In that time, I have never used comment moderation, and I have never deleted a comment.  Not that there hasn't been times that I wanted to delete a comment or two. 

There have been a few comments over the last two years that made me consider deleting them.  A few people would make comments that weren't germane to the topic at hand.  Things such as "found your blog while adgitizing," or the occasional person who would post a Bible verse without really tying it in to the topic of the post.  Lord know that any time Len from "First Door on the Left" would drop by with a comment, I usually ended up with blood shooting out of my eyes because he would make me so mad.

As I said, I have never deleted a comment on the blog.  I have always tried to have an open dialogue here.  That is until today.  I deleted my first comment today.  Not because I found the comment offensive or it made me angry.  Nope, it was such an obvious piece of spam that I felt that I really had no choice in the matter.  I don't mind folks commenting on a Music Monday post promoting their own blog and their Music Monday choices, but this was a blatant, "come to my commercial website and buy something" kind of comment.

Which leads me to this question for my fellow bloggers.  I know that several bloggers use comment moderation and approve all comments before they appear.  Do you find that it is worth the extra effort to approve comments before they appear?  For those that don't use comment moderation, do you find yourself deleting spam comments?  I have to say that spam has not been a huge issue, but I don't want it to become one.  I have always liked the immediacy of not having moderation so that readers can interact with one another before I have the chance to review the posts. 

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  1. I have had to use comment moferation for some time was due to some blatent attacks and really rotten spam.I hate to do that but Quality over Quanity.

  2. I get a lot of SPAM for some reason plus random crazy people who post the same comments on many blogs (I Google all long posts) and this is why I moderate all comments unless you've been previously approved.

  3. If you can stand it, I would highly recommend that you stay the way you now have it. For even comments that might make blood shoot out of your eyes can win the argument for you by inadvertently helping to prove your point. Besides, the new spam prevention protocols that Blogger/Blogspot has recently implemented has caught most of the spam that I would delete when I finally saw it before on my blog.

  4. I use both Spam Filter, No Follow Free plug-in and comment moderation in my blogs. If I will not use these tools and just allow comments to be posted, I must have by now ten (10) times more than the comments in my blogs. I even have to reject comments written in characters instead of English letters.

  5. I've adopted a split strategy. Blogger gives us a Moderation Choice: "Always, Only Posts older than ..., or Never"

    I've used the middle option, have have set my period to 7 days. So far, that seems to be working fine.

    But, I have received a few "Spammy" comments within the 1st 7 days. In these cases, I use Comment Moderation and flag the comment as spam.

  6. I had a problem with some weird comments that had the links to porn sites and such.
    I gave them the axe as soon as I saw them, but the ones that wish to rant on about what I post, I leave them up, and wish I could put a few smileys around.
    By the way, I have this green pickup with low miles, got a few dents, oh, nevermind
    : )

  7. Like you it isn't something I have had to deal with. Until a few month ago, when I had a person post in a different language what I considered to be porn. So now I do monitor them on a couple blogs. I have since enabled spam guard which dose it automatically. Blogger started giving that service recently and I decided to empower it.

  8. Thanks for the comments. For now, I think I will leave it the way it is, unless it gets to be a regular thing. One of the reasons that I haven't used moderation is for those times that a post generates a lot of comments. I like when those that are making comments can interact with each other before I ever have the chance to see any of the comments.



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