Sunday, October 17, 2010

Send This Marine to the Hill

This morning, I headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping.  Outside of the local Giant supermarket was a worker/volunteer for the Steny Hoyer campaign.  I was kind of hoping he would approach me so that I could tell him, "I wouldn't vote for Hoyer even if you paid me."  I must have had that "I support Charles Lollar" look in my eye because he did not approach me.

On more than one occasion on this blog, I have expressed my disdain for my current Congressman, Steny Hoyer.  Also on more than one occasion I have voiced my support for his current challenger, Charles Lollar.  In fact, I have a Charles Lollar For Congress campaign sign in my front yard.  It is the first time that I have ever put a campaign sign in my yard.  That is the level of support that I have for Charles Lollar.

Anyway, back to the events of this morning.  There is a certain arrogance possessed by the left, and it extends from the top of their food chain, all the way down to the campaign volunteers and workers.  As I walked away from the Hoyer volunteer, I heard him say the following to another person,"We don't have anything to worry about in the state of Maryland.  The only way we can lose in Maryland is if we don't show up."

I know that in the state of Maryland it is a long shot for Lollar to defeat a Democrat so firmly entrenched as Hoyer, but I so desperately want to teach those arrogant SOB's a lesson.  Charles Lollar represents the best hope in a long time to accomplish that task.  Maryland voters must send this marine to take the Hill.  For a taste of what Lollar represents, here he is speaking at the Solomon's Island Tea Party rally last year.

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