Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts on My HOA & My Neighbors

A man using a string trimmerImage via WikipediaI came home this morning after running some errands, and as I walked from my car to my home, it got me thinking about my homeowners association.  Now, I have said before that I really have no use for my HOA.  All they are really good for is collecting dues and sending nasty letters telling me all the things that they have determined need work on around the house.

The most recent series of letters came about two months ago.  One was telling me that my grass needed mowing, which I confess had gone too long without mowing.  I do not have a mower and have to use a weed trimmer.  The trimmer I had was electric and the motor burned rendering it useless.  I eventually was able to come up with enough spare cash to buy a new one.

Another letter was also lawn related.  My front yard is completely in shade, and we have a heckuva time trying to grow grass in it.  Every home in my strip of townhouses has the same issue.  Still, the HOA sent a letter saying that I needed to seed the bare spots in my front lawn.  The other issue in front of my house was one of my favorites; the sidewalk needed to be power washed.

Fortunately, I have a power washer.  I spent a few hours on Labor Day power washing the front walk.  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  I spent the next day raking a bunch of debris from the front lawn and threw down a bag of grass seed that said it was a mix designed to grow in shady areas.  To my surprise, the seed has sprouted and my yard is actually looking somewhat green.  Here is hoping that unlike in years past that the grass comes back in the spring.

So, if I have completed the work that my HOA said needed to be done and it has turned out pretty good, why would I be thinking of my HOA?  Well, the other houses in my little strip all have the same issues that my home has; no grass, dirty walks, etc.  I have always assumed that they have all received the same letters that I receive.  According to the letters I received, the work was to be completed in early September.  None of my neighbors have done anything.

The letters state that if the work is not completed by a certain date that the HOA will take further action including possible fines.  My yard is green, while my neighbors' lawns are brown.  The sidewalk in front of my home is a couple shades lighter than those around me.  Even though I think my HOA is a major pain in the ass, I want to be a responsible home owner and neighbor.  However, given that none of my neighbors have done the same, it does make me wonder.  Either my neighbors are not getting the same notices that I am, or they are ignoring them.
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  1. Again, it would seem that you are not living right, as in not the right area. (LOL?)

    P.S.: Any snide comments about how awful my Cowboys are playing will be summarily dismissed--if not outright ignored!

  2. it was a very good day yesterday, Redskins win, Tony Stewart wins, and Cowboys lose. It just doesn't get any better than that



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