Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

A typical speed limit sign in the United State...Image via WikipediaAlthough we still officially have one more week to the "holiday season," I am returning to my regular style of posting personal thoughts, news of the day, and the occasional rant.  I hope that everybody enjoyed the "12 Days of Christmas" theme of the past two weeks.  It was a lot of fun for me to put it together.

The day after Christmas is a day most noted for everybody heading back out to the malls to exchange all those gifts that either were the wrong size or were just plain not liked.  It is also a day for people to go out and use those gift cards that they received as well.  Thankfully, I was not one of those folks venturing out to the malls today.  The only presents that I received were cash, a gift card to a restaurant, and a few bottles of wine, one of which I am enjoying as I type this.

Originally, the weather forecast was calling for us to get about 3-6 inches of snow in my area. With the anticipated snowfall, I decided to head out to pick up a couple of items at the BJ's in my area before the snow began to fall.  I wasn't too worried about getting out tomorrow to go to work, but if we did get a good bit of snow, I didn't want my wife to have to go out if she didn't have to.  Which brings me to my rant for today.

There is nothing that frustrates me more when I am driving than to be stuck behind a slow moving driver when there is nothing but open space ahead of them.  Now by slow moving driver, I mean driving below the speed limit.  To be perfectly honest, sometimes if the driver is driving at the posted limit, and I am stuck behind them, I can get a bit frustrated.

On this particular Sunday morning, I was heading home in the left lane of a two lane road with nobody in front of me.  I was moving at a pretty good clip of 60 mph.  I think the posted speed limit on that stretch of road is 55mph though it may be 50.  So yes, I was technically speeding.  I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a car moving rapidly onto my rear end. 

I was going to try to move over to the right lane to allow the tailgater to pass, but there was another vehicle moving just as rapidly in the right lane.  After that car passed, the car behind me moved over to the right lane and passed me.  I guess I wasn't speeding fast enough for them, which to me is just as frustrating as getting stuck behind somebody driving under the limit.
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  1. so what is wrong with driving the speed limit. you CAN'T GET A SPEEDING TICKET THAT WAY.,unless you love throwing money away on fines and higher insurance rates.

  2. I didn't say anything about driving the speed limit. I talked about people who drive below the speed limit, which can draw a ticket in a lot of places if police deem it a hazard to the safe flow of traffic, and I talked about people racing past me while I was a few mph miles over the limit.

  3. Please keep in mind that Mike is from Ohio, which is where I had some of my most pleasant driving experiences while I was still trucking. (Yeah, I was being sarcastic, but I was grinning real big while I was doing it. So, please don't get too upset with me, Mike.)

  4. you know, Fish, I didn't consider that :-)



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