Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Cure for What Ails You

hot toddy for mishaImage by skampy via FlickrIt wouldn't be the holiday season unless somebody in the house was sick.  It seems that this time of year, somebody is always sick.  Even when I was growing up, one of my siblings or I or all of us, came down with something.  The worst was when we all came down with the chicken pox around the same time.

This year has been no exception.  It started off with my son.  About a week or so before Christmas, he came down with a bad cold.  Those are difficult for him because he doesn't understand the concept of blowing his nose, and frequently wipes his nose on his sleeve.  Also, he has a difficult time coughing up flem.  He usually ends up gagging and throwing up.  We can never seem to get him to move to spit in the sink or toilet.

The worst of his cold was over shortly before Christmas.  Unfortunately, about two days before Christmas it hit my wife pretty hard.  With her, these things frequently turn into bronchitis.  She has been so bad off for the past four days, that she passed on going to my sister's house on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas day, we were supposed to go to her parent's house, but she stayed home.

I have been fighting the beast for a few days now.  It has not hit me quite as hard as the rest of them, but I am still having some of the effects.  First thing in the morning has been the worst for me.  I wake up completely clogged up. So, last night I decided to see if I could knock this thing out of my system by fixing myself a good old fashioned hot toddy.

For those that don't know, a hot toddy is an alcoholic beverage that is supposed to help cure your cold.  There are many different varieties, but most consist of a liquor such as whiskey or rum, honey, lemon, and hot water.  I made mine with Captain Morgan spiced rum, lemon, and honey.  It was quite tasty, warmed me up, and while drinking it helped clear my nasal passages.

Unfortunately, while it cleared my sinuses and helped me get to sleep a little more readily, I still woke up pretty clogged up this morning.  Though I do have to say that the cold didn't bother me as much during the day as in previous days.  I think before I turn in tonight, I will have to fix myself another hot toddy.  Maybe two. 
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