Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Road Rage

Pussy Road RageImage by skatoolaki via FlickrI admit that I am an easily irritated fellow.  It doesn't take much to get me call somebody a dumbass.  Quite frequently, my ire is directed by those that I encounter during my commute to and from the office.  A couple of things that happen frequently tend to get my goat, as it were.

First there are the discourteous drivers that are out there.  I spend close to two hours, sometimes more, on the DC beltway each day.  There is a lot of gridlock in DC, and I am not just talking about the politicians.  The lack of civility from my fellow drivers continues to amaze me.  There are those that speed up so that you can't change lanes, even though you have your signal on.  Then there are those who cut you off by changing lanes abruptly without signaling so that you have to hit your breaks just as you are accelerating.  Damn that pissed me off. 

I try to be courteous when I am on the road.  If I am driving along, and you have your signal on in traffic, I am most likely going to let you move in ahead of me.  When I have my signal on to change lanes, and you let me in, I am going to give you a little thank you wave.  Too often, those that I have shown the same consideration to, do not even acknowledge it.  It makes me want to scream out, "Where is my freaking thank you wave, you moron!"

This next one will probably surprise those who regularly read my rants given my stance on laws that ban the use of cell phones on the road.  However, I am a "rule of law" kind of guy.  Now that cell phone use is illegal in my state, I am using a hands free device.  I hate it.  However, I am frequently frustrated when I am trapped behind somebody driving well below the posted speed limit.  Sure enough, when I can finally get by them on the road, they have the phone up to the year.  Get off the fucking phone and drive!  Where are the cops when you need them.

Finally, today was one of those days that pissed me off.  I am not what you would call a "green" person or a terribly environmentally active person.  I do recycle, but I am against things like trying to control carbon emissions through cap and trade.  I support drilling along with pursuing clean energy.  However, I do believe in keeping our environment clean.  I was stuck behind this black Maxima with Virginia tags.  Twice, the dipshit opened his car door and dropped trash onto the freeway.  Moron, take your trash back with you to Virginia and don't drop it on the road in front of me.

So, if you see me on the road near you, show me courtesy, and I will show you courtesy back.  Then we will get along just fine.  Just keep off the phone, don't cut me off, and keep your trash to yourself.  Otherwise, I may end up flipping you off and writing about you here.

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  1. willy shares your pain
    10-4 Willy

  2. I've been known to utter a few epitaphs(I hope I spelled this right) at drivers as well.

  3. There were a few times when I plumb lost control while I was still driving a big rig, and I am very thankful that "something just happened to happen" that prevented me from running over the fine outstanding citizen who was doing their best make a bad day much, much worse for me. Oh yeah, I most certainly would have been arguing justifiable homicide in my defense.

  4. I share your pain too . . . to the point of really hating to get out on in traffic.

  5. I really hate the speed up so that you can't change lanes morons too & it irks me as well not getting a thank you wave. Sitting behind a car at the lights waiting to go straight ahead then when the lights go green THEN they put their turn indicator on is another one I hate too

  6. yep, we get out on the road and everybody (or at least most folks) just looks out for themselves.



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