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Bowl Championship SeriesImage via WikipediaI am not sure why I chose today's date as the title for this post other than I just like the way it looks. 

January 1st used to be a pretty big deal for me years ago.  Not because it symbolized a new beginning of the year or because it was a time to start working on all those New Year's resolutions.  No, it was a big deal because it was the day that all of the major college bowl games would be played.  At the end of the day, the arguments would begin about which team is #1, and the college football season would be over.

Call me a traditionalist, but the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has ruined today for me.  Sure, there are still six bowl games being played today, and if I wanted to, I could watch college football from noon until midnight.  Now thanks, to the BCS, the championship game will be drawn out until January 10th.  Plus there is a string of minor bowl games between today and the championship game.  I mean really, the Birmingham Bowl and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl?

The goal for college teams was to play in a major bowl game on January 1st.  The closer to January 1st, the more successful you could consider your season.  The Birmingham Bowl features two very mediocre teams; Pittsburgh (7-5) and Kentucky (6-6).  This is a game that should have been played in mid-December, not January.  Some of the other games between today and the championship game feature equally exciting match ups.

The old system of the traditional bowl games and the polls to determine the national championship was far from perfect, but for some reason, I liked it.  There are not a whole lot of folks that have anything good to say about the current BCS system.  With games scheduled now until January 10th, I don't think they can use the argument of how a playoff system would draw out the season.  A playoff, at the very least, would eliminate meaningless games like the Birmingham Bowl in January. 
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