Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Good Week

It is always hard on me when we take our son back to school.  I always worry about how he is doing and how he is adjusting to this change in his life.  Like a lot of autistic kids, whenever his routine is upset he has a hard time. 

Consequently, when he is away at school, I like to call to check up on his progress.  The people at the school and at the dorm are very patient about my calling on a near daily basis.  I get down whenever I hear that he has been having a difficult time.  Weekends seem to be hardest for him.

On the other hand, it gives us a great deal of comfort when we hear that he is doing well.  We took him back to school on Monday, and this has been a week of good news.  On Tuesday night when I called, he was at a social, which is one of his favorite activities in the evenings at the school.

My father in law, is on the Board of Directors of the school, and he was at a meeting at the school yesterday.  He called my wife to let her know that our son was named "Student of the Week" and would have his picture posted on the wall of the school.  Last night, my wife called the school and he had been well behaved.  He was also at another social dancing the night away.

As I said, the weekends have been the hardest for him.  He still isn't eating a whole lot of the food being offered to him.  In the past, he has also stopped drinking fluids.  The good news is that the dorm worker I spoke with on Wednesday said that he has been drinking more.  Hopefully he will continue to make progress and adjust to school.  At least the week thus far has been encouraging.

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  1. Such good news! I'm sure it's good for him to stretch his wings, even if there is some "air turbulence." I bet he'll eventually really like school.

  2. it will all work out in the end I am sure. Unfortunately when I called to check on him tonight, he had a rather rough day. I can't say I'm surprised as it seems the weekends are toughest for him. Hopefully just a small bump in the road.



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