Saturday, January 8, 2011

Image representing RepairPal as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseThese days, especially for me, it is vital to have a reliable automobile.  I have to spend about an hour on the road each morning and evening commuting to and from work.  On Friday and Saturday nights, I use my car to deliver fresh, hot pizza to the local folks.

It is important for me to keep my car maintained and when it needs repaired, have them done as quickly as possible.  I also can't afford to spend too much money when my car needs maintenance, whether it needs a new timing belt or a new water pump.

All too often, I have called a repair shop or been in a garage and wondered whether or not the place was charging me too much to have the work done.  Now I don't have to wonder too much, as I can get a reliable estimate on any repairs or service at  Just put in your zip code, car make and model, and the repair you need, and RepairPal gives you a reasonable estimate.

They offer a lot more than just a good estimate on your repairs for your car.  You can also see ratings and reviews of local repair shops in your area.  They also have a lot of information on most vehicles.  If you are considering buying a used Ford Expedition, you can check out reviews and ratings from other drivers, issues they have had with those vehicles, and any recall notices.

It is really quite a handy website to check out.  Plus they have mobile apps available for iPhone and Android smartphone users.  That way, if you are in a garage and think they are quoting you too much, you can check RepairPal to see if you are being ripped off.  Check them out before you go for your next car repair.

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