Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Hard Working Man

IRS Form W-2Image via WikipediaWe went to the mailbox today to discover a W2, for my son from his new school.  For 2010, he earned a big $4.61 and had $.07 taken out for Medicare and $.29 for social security.  My son now has a job working in one of the vocational programs at the school.

Our nephew graduated from this school last spring.  After the graduation, his case worker handed my wife a locked cash box that contained the money he had earned from his jobs.  One Christmas, the school took them shopping.  He selected gifts for family members and used his own money to pay for them.

Currently, my son is working in the Industrial Training Department at the school.  He assembles bottles by putting tops on them and placing them in a container.  He is paid based on the amount of work he completes.  The school also has jobs in a car wash, school kitchen, nursery, cleaning service, among others.

As my son progresses, he will have opportunities to work in other areas.  He receives a paycheck every two weeks for his work.  The class then goes on a field trip to a bank in the community to cash their paychecks.  Then they can go to the store to purchase things.  My son has used some of his money to buy some potato chips.

There are many reasons that we wanted our son to go away to this school.  The vocational program is one of those reasons.  They are helping kids with special needs to become productive members of society.  I am proud that my son has earned his first paycheck, and I am happy that they are teaching him valuable life lessons.
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  1. You have been through every emotion possible since you have entered your son in this school, but he is adjusting and that is a wonderful thing...out of all of your worries, fears and saddness, one thing remains true....you love him and you have a pride in all that he does...that is what I like about reading your random thoughts.

  2. I think this is one of the best parts of schools like this. That ability to work and see that your work is productive, even if only to buy potato chips, is a true gift. Celebrate!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous.

    Shark, getting these kids to work is fantastic. On Saturday, my wife and I will be attending a fundraiser for the company that my nephew, who attended the school my son is at, works for. Companies like this are the next step



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