Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Kindle

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...Cover via AmazonOK.  I did it.  I took the plunge and bought an eReader.  Last week, I posted that I was just about ready to buy an eBook reader.  At the time, I was leaning towards getting the Nook wi-fi version eReader for a couple reasons.  One was the fact that the Nook is expandable with a micro SD card.  Another was that you could purchase books from more sources.  The final reason was that you could borrow eBooks from the public library with the Nook.

However, I was tempted to do a little more research before finally making the decision to purchase a reader.  Last weekend, I headed out to the local Barnes & Noble to take a look at the Nooks.  Specifically to take a look at the Nook color.  The bookseller showed me some of the features of the Nook color, but in the end, I didn't want the additional features of the color.  I also noticed a lot of glare on it when in the store.  The other factor against the Nook color is that because it was a backlit LCD display, the battery life would be much shorter.

I then headed up to Target to take a look at the Kindle wi-fi that they had there.  One of the things I noticed was that the model they had said it would hold 1500 books.  However, I recalled seeing on Amazon's site that they had expanded the memory on the Kindle so that it would hold up to 3500 books.  Now, I do not expect that I will be going crazy adding eBooks to my library, but I wanted to have the option to either expand or hold as many books as I could.

The last factor was in looking at the availability and costs of books at the various outlooks.  I visited the website of my public library to see what eBooks were available to check out.  I did not see a whole lot of choices, so that favorable point for the Nook was nullified.  I then visited both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites to search for some books that I would be interested in downloading.  Most of the books were available on both sites, but Amazon had a decided advantage in price on a couple books I was looking at.

In the end, I decided on price and the market leader, the Kindle.  I placed my order on on Wednesday evening, shortly after 5 pm.  It arrived yesterday, registered to my Amazon account and ready for me to start downloading books.  So far, I have been looking at a lot of the free or very inexpensive options.  I have added a collection of Mark Twain books, Treasure Island, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, and Concerning Christian Liberty by Martin Luther.

There are a few books that I am looking at purchasing in the very near future.  There are also several other classics that I can get for free or at a very low price that I will also be downloading very soon.  It should come in very handy for an upcoming trip I have to the west coast for a trade show next month.  Whenever I would take a long trip, I would always take three books with me, the one I was reading at the time and a choice of two for when I finished that one.  Now, I can just take my Kindle and have a full range of choices. 

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  1. With it already being capable of holding 1,500 books, along with an expansion to 3,000, I suppose you wouldn't need it, but if you did start coming up to the limits of its capacity, could you transfer books off of it to your home computer? Furthermore, will it hold books from other sources, like Project Gutenberg?

  2. There is the capability to add books from free sources like Project Gutenberg. A lot depends on the format of the eBook, but there are instructions on the Kindle site for how to removed books or add books from sites like Project Gutenberg

  3. Yes, I am a Kindle man too. Now, however, my wife discovered the ease with which she could download a book while we were on a Sunday drive. So my Kindle was tied up all day Sunday. I do have the Kindle mobile App for Blackberry and I am going to put that on her phone. I also have the Kindle App for my PC and I can read here at the computer as well. Best of all, these devices can be synchronized so I am always current on all the devices. (So is she.) Enjoy your Kindle!

  4. If you Kindle fills up, you can delete from the device and the book is still available in your Manage My Kindle at Amazon, so you can download it again, free, anytime you might need to.

  5. Doug, my wife is not a big book reader, so I don't have to worry about her tying up my Kindle, but so far, I am enjoying it.



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