Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Weekend Home

Toy StoryImage via WikipediaAnother long weekend home from school has come and gone.  We picked up our son from school last Wednesday.  During the long weekend home, we had a lot of things that we wanted to try to get accomplished while he was home.  Thankfully, our son was cooperative enough to get them all accomplished.

On the drive home Wednesday, we stopped for a scheduled eye glass appointment for new glasses.  I was worried that he wouldn't cooperate for the eye exam so when I made the appointment, I had told them of his special needs.  We have had other eye doctors who have been able to get a reading for a prescription.  He didn't do well for the exam, but they were able to get enough of a reading to get a new prescription. 

Normally, when he is home, our son doesn't like to leave the house.  Thursday, we were able to take him to the MVA to get a new photo ID made.  Then we were able to get him a bank account so he can cash his paychecks at the bank. Friday, we had an appointment with the Developmental Disabilities Association to discuss transition plans for when he ages out of the school system.  He did very well on both of these days.

The rest of the weekend, we really did not have any plans to go anywhere.  It turns out that was probably a good thing, as early Saturday morning he came down with a bad case of diarrhea.  I will spare you all of the gory details, but suffice to say I had to throw one love seat out and do a few extra loads of laundry.  It seems, however that when he comes home, he has had these bouts of diarrhea.

Monday we were scheduled to try to get him back to school.   I stayed home from work on a mini-vacation in the hopes that if I was home the whole time he was home that he would not be suspicious when I stayed home on Monday to take him back to school.  We wanted to take him to the barber for a haircut and then head off to school.  He was too smart for us and we could not get him to leave the house.

Yesterday,  I had to go back to work, and my wife was going to try to get him to school on her own.  She was able to get him in the car and back to school.  He was not happy with her until she gave him a Toy Story DVD that he had been asking for.  Unfortunately, in her haste to get him to school, she had to drive back out there today because she forgot the charger to his portable DVD player. 

Just about the time she was nearly to the school today, she received an email from the school nurse.  It turns out that our pharmacy had dispensed the wrong form of one of his medications.  His doctor had prescribed an extended release version of the medication, but the pharmacy dispensed the regular version.  So tomorrow, my wife has to make the long trek across the bay bridge for the third day in a row to take the correct medication out to the nurse.

The trips back to school get harder each time.  As soon as he gets home for one of these long weekends, he starts with telling us he does not want to go to school.  We are running out of ideas on how to convince him to get in the car on those days he is supposed to return to school.  Once he get back to school, he is fine.  It's just getting him there that is the problem.
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  1. Dick--

    I applaud you and your wifes resolve.

    I have a 22 year old Son with (my term) 'Advanced Dumb Ass Disease', and I am loosing patience with him.

    I have some good friends coming down to visit in April. They have a son that is Autistic(in his late teens). It will be my first experience. I am looking forward to it as I hear he is a joy.

    God Bless.



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