Friday, March 18, 2011

Digging My Kindle

Amazon Kindle 2Image by goXunuReviews via FlickrIt has been a little more than a month since I bought my new Kindle.  I have to say that I am definitely digging the Kindle.  I had debated for a long time, at least a year, on whether or not I should spend the money for a Kindle or other ebook reader.  I'm sorry I waited so long.

One of the reasons that I was hesitant to buy an ebook reader was that over the past few years is that I have become very reluctant to spend much money on myself on extravagances.  We usually do not have a lot of extra money in my household.  My son, with his special needs, has a tendency to not take care of some of his possessions very well.  He is pretty rough on his CDs, DVDs, and portable devices.  Consequently, a lot of our discretionary income goes to replacing those things he breaks.

Another reason that I was hesitant was that I was afraid that I was going to go crazy downloading books, and spending even more money.  Thankfully, Amazon has a lot of low priced books available for download.  You can get a lot of classic literature free or at a buck or two.  One of the things that I have recently discovered when perusing the Kindle store at is that occasionally you can find some recent books for free.  For that reason, I try to regularly visit the website to see if anything new is available.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded for free a book called "Imaginary Jesus" by Matt Mikalatos published in March of last year.  Currently, "Imaginary Jesus" is selling for $8.59 for the Kindle version.  It was a humorous story about one man's search for the authentic Jesus rather than the imaginary Jesus that we tend to create in our own minds to meet our own needs.  Along his journey he encounters the multiple stereotypical version of Jesus.  It was definitely an enjoyable read.

It also came in very handy during my recent trip to Anaheim.  I was nearly finished reading Mark Sisson's "The Primal Blueprint."  I finished it early in the first leg of my trip.  I then had my choice of 4 or 5 books that I had downloaded onto the Kindle before heading out for my trip.  This allowed me to be able to pack very lightly so that I could bring home a few samples and brochures from the show.  I definitely wish I had taken the plunge earlier.

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  1. I personally think that the Kindle is a very good investment. Like you've said, if you keep an open mind about what books to read, Amazon releases a ton of free books weekly, plus there are all those public domain classics that you can also read for free.

    And as long as family members use the same account, you all have access to the same books in your Kindle archive. They don't even have to buy a Kindle, they can just download the free PC reader software or get the app for their phone and they're good to go. My whole family shares one account, and our savings in books are tremendous since we no longer have to buy multiple copies of some best-sellers that we want to read at the same time. :)



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