Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy but Busy Days

Today is one of those happy days.  I took the day off from work to go pick up my son for his scheduled long weekend home.  When I stuck my head in the door, the smile on his face lit up the room.  It looks like he has trimmed down a bit since being at school.  His teacher says he has been eating three meals per day plus snacks.  It is just that he has been a lot more active at school than he has been at home.

Work has been hectic for quite a while, and it has been well over a year since I have taken any significant time off for something besides the office being closed for a blizzard or last year when I had the flu for a week.  So, during this long weekend, I will be taking off work the whole time he is home.  I am thinking about getting a basketball so he and I can shoot some hoops while he is home.  We also will try to go to Dave & Buster's for skee ball and maybe a visit to Hooters while he is home.  However, it will not be all relaxation while he is home because we have a lot of errands to do with him. 

Today, we scheduled an eye doctor appointment for him to get new eyeglasses.  As usual, he didn't want to cooperate with the exam, but the doctor was able to get enough of a reading to adjust his prescription.  With his job at school, he receives a paycheck.  We have opened a bank account for him, but he needs a photo ID card.  Tomorrow we are taking him to the MVA to get that.  Friday morning, we have an appointment with the DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) to discuss benefits and transition services for when he gets older.

On a personal note, I am still doing pretty well with my dietary goals.  Yesterday, I had an appointment with a sales rep who I had not seen in several months.  He said I was looking good and that he needed to do what I was doing.  When I told him that I had pretty much quit drinking alcohol and eating junk food, he replied "never mind."  Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment to discuss my blood pressure medication and I guess to talk about a colonoscopy.  I checked my blood pressure a couple times in the last week, and it has been running 115/75 so he should be pleased.
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